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Pool Maintenance
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Weekly Pool Service

The technician will perform the following service work on each scheduled visit:

  1. Maintain a regular weekly service day(s).
  2. Fill out Customer Route Card, left near equipment.
  3. Skim water surface to remove floating debris.
  4. Clean tile or border to remove dirt and oil deposits.
  5. Vacuum pool floor.
  6. Brush pool walls.
  7. Empty skimmer and pump baskets.
  8. Backwash filter weekly or as needed.
  9. Test water for chemical content with professional test kit(s).
  10. Add required Sanitizers, Shock, Algaecides, Balancers, and Accessory Chemicals.
    NOTE: Chemicals are billed to Customer as left or used off truck.
  11. Observe equipment for problems and advise Customer.
  12. Additional call(s) and lab testing due to Ammonia, Nitrate or Phosphate problems (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) may result in additional charges.
    Note: Abnormal conditions (i.e., Excessive grass clippings) may result in an extra fee.
  13. Computerized Accu-Scan water analysis done seasonally.

Customer Responsibility's

  1. Maintain proper water level in pool.
  2. Check and empty skimmer basket between Service Company calls.
  3. Remove solar blanket or cover prior to day of service.
  4. Inform Marshall's Pool Service of any anticipated heavy swimming.
  5. Inform Marshall's Pool Service of any problems.
  6. Maintain clean deck (debris, toys, etc.).
    NOTE: An increase in weekly service fees may result if additional time is spent for any of the above.

High wind/rain days: Under these conditions, due to visibility problems, the service technician may not be able to perform all normal cleaning functions. However, the pool will not be missed due to rain or wind. The chemicals will be tested and added as needed, pool surface skimmed, baskets emptied, and equipment checked to ensure normal pool operation.

The pool shall be serviced on the pre-arranged service day. However, due to unexpected events such as vehicle breakdown, illness, or storms, we may fall behind our normal schedule. In such an event, service will be made up the following day, if possible, but never more than (2) days following the normal service day.