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Winter is over, the snow has melted, the howling wind and pounding rain are a distant memory and you have months of warm and sunny weather to look forward to. Marshall's Pool Service, Inc. offers a comprehensive and all-inclusive pool opening service that has served commercial and residential pool owners for decades.

When Marshall's Pool Service uses the term pool opening, it means your pool is completely ready for swimming.

Marshall's Pool Service feels that your pool is ready for swimming when:

  • The cover is properly cleaned, folded, and stored.
  • Equipment and pool have been made ready for operation and have been checked for problems.
  • The pool deck has been thoroughly hosed off.
  • The deck anchors have been lubricated and put down.
  • Pools with mesh covers are portable vacuumed to remove 80% to 90% of dirt and debris.
  • The pool has been netted and brushed.
  • The pool system has been primed and started and checked for proper operation.
  • A full water analysis has been done.
  • The pool water has been treated and balanced to ensure clear and safe water.

When Marshall's Pool Service is finished opening, your pool is ready for an enjoyable and fun summer.

Marshall's Pool Service is currently able to schedule pool openings for only those customers on weekly maintenance service.