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Pool Liner Replacement

When Marshall's Pool Service replaces your pool liner, it's the complete job. We start by measuring for a custom fit and finish by rebalancing the water and starting up the system. When we have completed the job, you not only have a beautiful new liner, but you are also ready to swim!

Marshall's Pool Service agrees that distinctive pool design is central to the landscape of your home, so we use Loop-Loc. Loop-Loc uses the latest computer technology in production and design to create the perfect fit for your pool. Loop-Loc, vinyl covered steps and complicated designs are a specialty!

The fit, cut and lay of your pool’s liner: Each liner is customized to fit the exact measurements and dimensions of your pool. Any discrepancy in this regard can leave your liner unfit. It is therefore crucial that you ensure that the measurements are accurate prior to the beginning of the manufacturing process.

Pool Liner Lifespan

On average, a pool liner is designed to last between 8 and 10 years. However, this is just an average and many pool liners can exceed or fall short of this figure depending on how well or poorly they are maintained.

Many factors can affect the lifespan of your pool liner, including:

  • Living in an area that is prone to ground water issues such as mud and clay: This is one of the common issues that we encounter when repairing and replacing old pool liners.
  • Ensuring that your pool has the correct chemical balance: Not only is this a key requirement for ensuring that your pool maintains its clear and algae-free, but it is also extremely important for the upkeep of your liner. Failing maintain the correct chemical balancing such as the PH and TA will causes the line to prematurely fail.